COMMENTS: Pants on Fire

President George Bush admitted deception to ABC's Martha Raddatz (embargoed link) that was far more serious than fantasy sniper fire. During the spring and early summer of 2006, he admitted he constantly insisted that the US military was winning the war in Iraq when "I thought it was failing. Yes I did." Raddatz asked him whether he thought he "lost credibility with the American people" because of those lies. "The quickest way to lose credibility with the American people is for them to think the President makes decisions upon the latest public opinion poll." Raddatz pointed out that there have been no "fluctuations in the polls. The fact is those polls have not fluctuated over the years. They have been solidly saying that the war was a mistake." Bush's response: "Obviously I care about what the American people think."

The President stated that he insisted the United States was winning a war he believed it was losing in order to "bolster the spirits of the people in the field…look you cannot have the Commander in Chief say to a bunch of kids who are sacrificing that either 'It is not worth it' or 'You are losing.' I mean, what does that do for morale?"


Hahhahaa. I'm not too bright today. Great post!

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