COMMENTS: ABC’s Zee Treats Philippines Disaster with Disdain

The Philippines continued as Story of the Day with a total of four separate packages filed from the debris left by Typhoon Haiyan. NBC and CBS both led with the storm. ABC made the astonishing decision to give a routine early winter storm over the Great Lakes precedence over the unprecedented disaster in the western Pacific. What warped priorities led ABC to select meteorologist Ginger Zee -- with her winter driving tips for kitty litter in the trunk and penny grooves in the tire tracks -- over Terry Moran amid the would-be evacuees standing in line at Tacloban Airport?

On CBS, Seth Doane too was at Tacloban Airport, while his colleague Bill Whitaker filed an eyewitness report of the landfall from stormchaser Josh Morgerman, now safely returned to Los Angeles. On NBC, Angus Walker filed the relief story, surveying the lack of food, water, and shelter, while the network's in-house physician Nancy Snyderman worried about diarrhea, dysentery, diphtheria and typhoid fever, as she surveyed the rotting corpses, the raw sewage, the wrecked property, and the dead animals polluting the water supply.


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