COMMENTS: Glass Ceiling

NBC and CBS filed federal gender glass ceiling stories that were more earnest than interesting. On CBS, Anthony Mason used the news hook of the Senate Banking Finance Committee confirmation hearings for Janet Yellen, the first woman nominated as Chair of the Federal Reserve Board, to cross-promote his profile of her on Sunday Morning, complete with a soundbite from a predecessor, Alan Greenspan. CBS' Mason spends more time covering the Federal Reserve than all other nightly newscast correspondents put together. Check out this playlist on Benjamin Bernanke over the last three years.

On NBC, Ann Curry traveled to Langley to meet two female trailblazers from World War II, Betty McIntosh and Doris Bohrer. Curry drew a direct line from those so-called girl spies to a couple of present-day female agency directors. Yet Curry told us very little about WWII derring-do and too much about bureaucratic organization charts. She even had to resort to inserting a fictionalized clip from the Hollywood thriller Zero Dark Thirty, so little pep was there in her real-life spy story. While she was at it, she could have added Madam M from James Bond.


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