The Tyndall Report monitors the weekday nightly newscasts of the three American broadcast television networks: ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (formerly Charles Gibson), CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

The Tyndall Blog monitors and comments on each night's newscasts and links to the stories that the networks aired. All external links on this site (unless otherwise indicated) are to free advertising-supported streaming video of network TV news. We invite suggestions for links to streaming video from other TV news organizations: this site specializes in taped correspondent packages, not interviews, live stand-ups or raw, unreported footage. Leave your suggested links in the blog comments section or drop us an e-mail.

Each day we select Tyndall's Picks, the cream of the previous night's coverage from all three networks. Viewers can click on the thumbnail image and watch individual stories from last night's TV news on their computers. For news from previous days, click on any shaded date in the Calendar. This site's video links started on November 13th, 2006.

For more detail, click on each day's Tyndall Rundown. This lists every story covered by a correspondent on each newscast. Each item is described by its story, the angle on the story, the reporter's name and the dateline from which the story was filed. Brief anchor-read copy-only or voiceover items are excluded.

Tyndall Search allows viewers to search our database of video links to compile collections of reports. These selections can search by specified dates, networks, stories, topics, correspondents and datelines.

Tyndall Weekly (still under construction) provides a statistical summary of how the networks covered the last full week of news, including links to all video coverage of the Top Ten stories and a compilation of the entire week's blog coverage.

Tyndall Archive (still under construction) compiles reports, including statistics (but not video links), of how the networks covered each week from 2000 onwards. Click on the given year and any week to find its Top Ten most-heavily covered stories; the Story of the Day for its five weekdays; and our Tyndall Weekly commentary.