COMMENTS: Waiting for Fidel

Tomorrow is May Day, so both ABC and CBS sent correspondents to Havana to prepare for the Communist Party's celebration of the international proletariat. ABC's Bob Woodruff covered Cuba's quiet political life with the 80-year-old Fidel Castro out of commission for nine months after stomach surgery. His brother Raul, the interim president, has been "keeping a very low profile." Woodruff found little popular enthusiasm for political dialogue on the streets. Most "do not dare comment" and when one woman told him that life was "so-so" her daughter reprimanded her for being "so political."

CBS' Lara Logan saw few signs of dissent: "Cubans are hoping" their leader will leave his sick bed to address their May Day rally, Logan asserted. Cuban ire is directed at Luis Posada instead. Posada, an exile turned CIA operative, stands accused of a string of sabotage bombings 30 years ago that destroyed a jetliner and hit a series of hotels. Posada is treated like Osama bin laden in Havana where daily silent street protests demand that the United States prosecute him for terrorism, instead of the immigration violation for which he is held in Miami. Logan summed up the local mood: "How can America condemn countries that harbor terrorists while refusing to hand over Cuba's most wanted?"


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