COMMENTS: What a Worry

It must be a non-stop worry being a parent of a teenager. CBS suggested two more nagging reasons in just one newscast. Wyatt Andrews was assigned to cover the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearings into online pharmacies that offer controlled medicines for sale without a prescription. Even though people of all ages can abuse unprescribed narcotics like OxyContin, Andrews' anchor Katie Couric was certain which demographic was at special risk: "Teens and Drugs" was her label for the story. CBS was not alone in its youth focus. ABC's Lisa Stark, too, dramatized the risk of buying drugs from these sites with the example of a 17-year-old boy's Vicodin overdose. A 60-year-old's prescription-avoiding Viagra apparently provokes much less anxiety.

Next CBS turned to teens and cell phones in its Gotta Have It series. The danger here is the appeal of the array of extra downloads--ringtones and jokes and games and wallpaper--"all sorts of stuff kids might think is free," Richard Schlesinger warned parents. Children with telephones can subscribe without payment or charge, since the fee is payable by the grown up, after the fact, when the monthly phone bill arrives. That worry proved a godsend for the publicity department of one telephone company. Schlesinger offered this free plug for Kajeet: it is a "pay-as-you-go service, meaning kids can only spend what their parents approve of--and pay for--ahead of time." Remember that name. Kajeet.


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