COMMENTS: Windy

While ABC's Gibson was in Charlotte, NBC sent Brian Williams to anchor from Chicago. On the agenda was the mayor, a possible future First Lady and those noisy bugs. CBS had Michelle Miller close with the 17-year cicadas on Tuesday; now it was Kevin Tibbles' turn for NBC, and, yes, he too showed humans eating them.

Michelle Obama, from Chicago's South Side, is the 43-year-old wife of Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama. The pair of lawyers met at work in a Chicago firm. NBC's Janet Shamlian noted that Barack's campaign is using Michelle to target "a pivotal voting bloc, working mothers" who might otherwise be attracted to that other Chicago native Hillary Rodham Clinton. Accordingly, Shamlian's profile touched on whether Obama is "conflicted" about quitting her job to join the campaign--and how she juggles her days in Iowa and New Hampshire with her nights with daughters eight-year-old Malia and five-year-old Sasha. "She is willing to take serious issues head on," Shamlian proclaimed. For example, "you have heard the criticisms that he is not black enough"--which hardly seems like a serious issue. Michelle Obama swatted the softball away with the contempt it deserved. "Folks are not asking whether Barack is black…they want to know what are his policy positions. What is his stance on the war in Iraq?"

Anchor Williams also touched on Obama and Rodham Clinton at the end of his laudatory interview with Mayor Richard Daley admiring the greening of Chicago with its streetside trees and rooftop gardens. Williams reminded Daley that he used to be "good friends" with the Clintons yet had endorsed Obama. "I endorsed our favorite son," Daley responded. "I talked to her and she understood."


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