COMMENTS: Mean Streets

The response to violent crime was contrasted in Florida, Louisiana and New Jersey. ABC had Pierre Thomas take A Closer Look at the police tactics in two neighboring New Jersey cities: in Newark, violent crime "fueled by poverty and heavily-armed drug gangs" is on the rise and police are using "special units to hunt down fugitives and to target drug dealing;" by contrast in East Orange violent crime is falling as the police have gone hi-tech, using tracking computer models, surveillance cameras and gunshot locating sensors. Thomas did not compare the cost of the two approaches.

NBC's Mark Potter took an In Depth look at Orlando, where the 2006 murder rate has more than doubled compared with 2005. He rode on patrol with police lieutenant Laura Houston who blamed the deaths on an increase in gun violence and robberies committed by teenagers. In New Orleans, CBS' Hari Sreenivasan discovered, neither the police force nor the prosecutor's office has rebounded from the floods after Hurricane Katrina. So the parish's citizens are arming themselves: the monthly volume of gun permits is double that for the period before the storm.


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