COMMENTS: There Will Always Be Paris

So how was Paris Hilton covered? Hilton, the child of the rich and famous whose life fell on hard times but because of a privileged upbringing was able to secure benefits others can only dream of. She was released from the Los Angeles County Jail after serving three days of a 23-day sentence following a drunk driving conviction.

CBS' Bill Whitaker had more fun than Pierre Thomas did on ABC's A Closer Look. Thomas waded through penal statistics about average jail stays for non-violent first-time offenders and whether they secure early release with medical problems. Whitaker treated the story with the seriousness it deserved--namely, none. He called Hilton "a girl gone wild, then a girl gone to jail" but now "a girl gone home" with the public "going ballistic." From the "blogosphere to the legal sphere, criticism of Paris is burning." The ankle bracelet she will wear while under house arrest is "just another Paris fashion accessory" to her critics. He previewed the arrival in Hollywood of the Rev Al Sharpton to protest the "celebrity injustice" of it all. Whitaker showed us the assembled paparazzi and advised the reverend: "He will have to push aside the press."


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