COMMENTS: Moviemakers and Shakers

NBC's Bob Faw brought us an In Depth profile of the child of the rich and famous whose life fell on hard times but because of a privileged upbringing was able to secure benefits others can only dream of.

No, NBC did not mention Paris Hilton even in passing on its newscast. This child of privilege was inside-the Beltway: Quinn Bradlee, child of "celebrated journalists Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn." He was born with a syndrome of maladies--heart disease, epilepsy, migraines--that were eventually diagnosed as the genetic disorder called Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome. The "mighty Quinn," as Faw called him, has produced Anomaly Syndrome 22 a documentary movie publicizing the disorder that afflicts 130,000 nationwide.

UPDATE: a reader has heard that this documentary is scheduled to be aired on Wednesday May 13th but has no information on time or channel. Does anyone have precise knowledge about Anomaly Syndrome 22?


Anomalie syndrome 22 sounds like a French translation!? ...I've never heard of it and have read hundreds of articles n that past couple of years

just search for 22q, or 22q 11 deletion syndrome

it's also been known as DiGeorge syndrome

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