COMMENTS: Sports Page is Front Page

This day may "go down in sports history as Black Tuesday" declaimed CBS' Jeff Greenfield (no link) as a star quarterback of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons was barred from training camp, the commissioner of the NBA addressed allegations of rigged games, star cyclist Alexander Vinokourov was thrown off the Tour de France after testing positive for doping--and Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants "begins his final assault on Hank Aaron's career home run record surrounded by a cloud of suspicions involving everything from steroids use to tax evasion."

ABC filed a triple-play of sports stories. Dan Harris led with the investigation of basketball referee Tim Donaghy: Harris consulted gambling expert RJ Bell who isolated 15 games refereed by Donaghy last season in which there was "extreme money bet on one side;" in all 15, the gamblers won and the bookmakers lost. Pierre Thomas covered the fate of Michael Vick, facing prosecution for running pitbull fights: "In Atlanta, where dog ownership is among the highest in the nation, many fans are stunned." And John Berman (no link) was assigned to balance scandal with inspiration, profiling the comeback win by Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester, starting again after eleven months out of the game with lymphoma. Anchor Charles Gibson beamed: "Even Yankee fans had to be pleased for him." Well, let's not go overboard.


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