COMMENTS: Mentioned in Passing

The network newscasts do not assign correspondents to all of the news of the day. If Tyndall Report readers come across videostreamed reports online of stories that were mentioned only in passing, post the link in comments for us to check out.

Today's examples: a protest rally on the Justice Department in Washington DC demanded that the display of lynchmob-style hangman's nooses be categorized as a racist hate crime…a photograph has been unearthed in the Library of Congress that may show Abraham Lincoln arriving at Gettysburg before he gave his Address…the Witch Fire in San Diego Country last month was indeed started by downed utility power lines…the flow of water to Florida and Alabama from Lake Lanier has been abridged in order to alleviate Georgia's shortage…a bill to fund the Iraq War with strings attached has been blocked in the Senate…First Lady Laura Bush urges a boycott of precious stones from Myanmar because of its repressive military junta…the State Department's John Negroponte is holding talks in Pakistan to try to end President Pervez Musharraf's State of Emergency…Republican Presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani asserts that the United States has a divine mission to "save our civilization from Islamic terrorism."


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