COMMENTS: Not a Turkey

And then there was the Story of the Day. All three networks recycled that good-old-holiday staple. CBS's substitute anchor Russ Mitchell even had Dean Reynolds lead with the worries of travelers "hoping their trip would not be a turkey." As usual, even though 31m travel on Thanksgiving by car and fewer than 5m by air, the network newscasts, having national not local scope, chose to emphasize the airline angle. Yesterday ABC's Barbara Pinto (subscription required) was behind the scenes at the American Airlines hub at Chicago's O'Hare; now NBC's Tom Costello files almost precisely the same story from Delta Airlines' operation center at Atlanta's Hartsfield. Costello showed us time lapse video of the turnaround of a 767 widebody jet "bags off, bags on, refueled, just over an hour" as a "NASCAR pit crew type effort." So was there a newsworthy problem to be found? "A surprisingly smooth ride," ABC's Pinto reassured us. "Horror stories were few today."

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