COMMENTS: Gaza Is a Prison

Only NBC assigned a reporter to tomorrow's Middle East Peace Conference to be held in Annapolis--and even Andrea Mitchell's preview was cursory: "Critics say the President has simply waited too long" to broker a deal. "Perhaps now in search of a diplomatic legacy he has promised to push hard for a comprehensive peace--and not only between Israel and the Palestinians but also with Syria." CBS instead went to the region. Elizabeth Palmer walked down a deserted highway to illustrate the plight of the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. "This is Gaza's main freight route into Israel and normally this road would be bumper to bumper with heavily laden trucks." Since Hamas took control, Israel has sealed off all border crossings "to put pressure on Hamas and to retaliate for rockets fired from Gaza." All of the Strip's main businesses have been forced shut and more than one million people rely on international aid for food: "They are locked into a country that has become a prison, trapped between Israel and the sea."

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