COMMENTS: Gifts & Horses

NBC filed a couple of features on Republican Presidential frontrunners. Mika Brzezinski, of Morning Joe on NBC's sibling cable news channel MSNBC, sat down with would-be First Lady Ann Romney. Almost ten years ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis that led to psychological depression and "severe and debilitating symptoms." She recovered by riding horses: "Equine therapy is actually very, very helpful for regaining core strength and for regaining balance. It is also my joy therapy." When John Edwards' wife Elizabeth announced the recurrence of her cancer, how did Ann Romney react? "I was applauding her." "You spoke that day?" "I did. I called her."

Kelly O'Donnell's package on Mike Huckabee was less touchy-feely. Conceding that the pro-life, pro-hetero Baptist preacher is "reliably conservative on social values" O'Donnell looked into his ethics and fiscal credentials. "Huckabee admits a mixed record on taxes…a cut in the state income tax but others went up, like sales and gasoline taxes." In one year when he was Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee accepted more than $100,000 worth of gifts and was examined 16 times by his state's Ethics Commission. He reassured O'Donnell that none of the gifts was "illegal or improper" although he did admit "filing late paperwork."


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