COMMENTS: Not Suitable

John Kiriakou, the former spy, who gave ABC's Brian Ross an Exclusive yesterday about the waterboarding torture of al-Qaeda suspect abu-Zabaydah, today appeared on the other two networks. NBC's Andrea Mitchell played a clip from Kiriakou's interview with Matt Lauer on her network's Today in which the ex-CIAer euphemized that such an "advanced technique" would not have been used "willy-nilly." Stated Kiriakou: "This was a policy decision that was made at the White House, with concurrence from the National Security Council and the Justice Department." Mitchell also obtained a soundbite from Col Morris Davis, a military prosecutor based at Guantanamo Bay, who refused to use torture-induced evidence: "Whatever they tell you is not reliable and not suitable in an American court of justice." The Pentagon forbade Davis from testifying yesterday before a Senate committee.

Kiriakou also talked to David Martin on CBS. Even though he helped to arrest abu-Zubaydah, Kiriakou refused to participate in the waterboarding, on the advice of a senior spy at the CIA. Kiriakou recalled what he said: "This is a slippery slope and one of these days somebody is going to go too far and someone is going to get hurt and it is going to leak and there is going to be an investigation and somebody is going to be prosecuted."


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