COMMENTS: Navel Gazing

So little news attracted NBC's attention that it offered us four items about itself. Anchor Brian Williams (no link) showed us a clip of his colleague Ann Curry of Today bunjee jump off a bridge in England for charity: "We know Ann has guts. It turns out she also has great form"…He unveiled the new voice of his newscast, the announcer who welcomes us to "NBC News world headquarters" is "actor, producer, Academy Award winner" Michael Douglas--we prefer to think of him as Kirk's son…Robert Bazell used a cross promotion with the reality gameshow Project Runway on NBC's Bravo channel to update us on the nationwide spread of MRSA staph skin infections: the episode, taped five weeks ago, in which contestant Jack Mackenroth was forced to leave because of staph has just aired; in the meantime Mackenroth, hospitalized for five days, has been cured…and Ron Allen led off the newscast with the decision by two of NBC's biggest stars--Jay Leno of Tonight and Conan O'Brien of Late Night--to become scabs.

Well, Allen did not use that word scab per se. He did remind us that Leno "had walked the picket line." He said the two celebrities "broke ranks with the union." He noted that "many strikers feel betrayed." And he warned that many "big name stars may not want to cross the picket lines to make guest appearances." Meanwhile on CBS, Sandra Hughes speculated that David Letterman's Late Show may be next to return to work "with its writing staff, a move made possible because the show is produced by Letterman's independent production company not a network or major studio."


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