COMMENTS: Anchors on the Bus

What did the three anchors do during their day in New Hampshire? NBC's Brian Williams and CBS' Katie Couric both rode along on a candidate's bus. She split her time between McCain and Romney. He snared a sitdown with Obama: "She would have cried, you know. That is how she used to deal with stuff like this. Her chin would tremble and she would get all weepy." No, Obama was not reflecting on his rival Rodham Clinton. He was imagining how his late mother would have responded to seeing his face on the cover of Newsweek. As for Obama's father, Williams reported that Obama interrupted his campaigning to place a telephone call to Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition in Kenya, "his father's homeland where Obama is cooperating with the State Department in trying to stem the violence."

Couric had this to ask McCain: "Six months ago you were pretty much considered all washed up." "Yes I was." McCain looked forward to a General Election contest against Rodham Clinton or Obama or Edwards: "We will have a respectful debate. There will not be any of these negative ads and, you know, personal attacks." Apparently he was referring to his Republican rival Romney, to whom Couric made this suggestion: "You must be a bit frustrated though, governor. Come on! Level with me on that." "Why would I be frustrated? This is fabulous." Looking forward to the next contest in Michigan, the former Governor of Massachusetts styled himself as "a guy from Detroit."


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