COMMENTS: Ziggy Stardust

The only individual campaign to be covered on ABC was Rodham Clinton's and Kate Snow (no link) decided not to focus on the primary but on the campaign stylings of husband Bill. Snow repeated his complaints against the news media for its "sanitizing coverage" of Obama and his dismissal as a "fairy tale" of the concept that Obama had been unwavering in his opposition to the decision to invade Iraq. Snow explained that the former President's evidence was an article that Obama wrote for The New York Times in 2004 on how he would have voted on the Senate's resolution of authorization: "I do not know. What I know is that from my vantage point the case was not made." Snow quoted Obama's legitimate rebuttal--Snow did not call it legitimate but Tyndall Report does--against Clinton for using the "I do not know" portion: "He keeps on giving half the quote."

ABC's campaign coverage was more feature minded than candidate focused. Jake Tapper (embargoed link) played a clip from that famous David Bowie song to illustrate how Ch-ch-ch-changes were all the candidates campaigned on. That platform is pabulum, Tapper insisted: "The desire for new, for different, is American as apple pie." And anchor Charles Gibson (no link) introduced us to his network's rookie panel of off-air solo reporters, one attached to each candidate assigned to attend every campaign event. Their job? "Shoot. Report. Edit. Blog. Upload." Their results are to be found on Facebook and at


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