COMMENTS: On the Republican Side

The candidate-focused coverage on CBS also assigned a reporter to the top three Republicans. Kelly Cobiella (no link) asked John McCain whether the primary was a "must-win" for him. "Sure, sure--but we will win. We will win." Bill Whitaker (no link) admired Mitt Romney for working "tirelessly to convince his neighbors that he is the real agent of change" before concluding that Romney needed an Obama sweep among independents to keep support away from McCain: "Politics makes strange fellows." And Nancy Cordes (no link) saw Mike Huckabee calibrate the expectations game just right: "He knew from the beginning he did not have a shot at first or second here but he would love to come in third and beat Rudy Giuliani…even a fourth place finish would be a huge improvement."

On NBC, Kelly O'Donnell (no link) called the Republican field "chaotic" with "no clear frontrunner." She called the primary "a single elimination match" between Romney and McCain, whose "resurgence has to pay off tonight." Ron Allen (no link) was surprised to find Romney not playing the expectations game but "predicting victory" instead. Allen warned that Romney's hope that independent voters would defect from McCain in order to back Obama may be in vain: "There are indications that might not be happening."


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