COMMENTS: Manning the Exits

All three networks had their Sunday morning anchors offer highlights from the exit polls. George Stephanopoulos (no link) of ABC's This Week told anchor Charles Gibson that although participation was high, it was not disproportionately so, favoring any particular candidate. Thus independents and younger voters were voting in larger numbers than normal, but so were partisans and older cohorts. On NBC, Meet the Press Tim Russert (no link), too, saw independents "flexing their muscle" yet he did not share Stephanopoulos' caveat that it was not disproportionately so. Bob Schieffer (no link) of CBS' Face the Nation offered Rodham Clinton the optimistic prospect that she might have carried both the female vote and Democratic Party regulars, two blocs she failed to win over in Iowa. Russert stated that the volume of women voters would be key to victory--and whether they would skew young, to help Obama, or old, to help Rodham Clinton.

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