COMMENTS: Primary Preview Not Posted Online

The New Hampshire primary made major news for the second straight day. Again, all three network anchors were based in the Granite State. Again, the first primary of Campaign 2008 took up more than half (31 min) of the three-network newshole. But because the nightly newscasts aired just before the polls closed and before results were announced, none of the preview coverage is available online. The networks chose to post how they covered Hillary Rodham Clinton's victory after the fact rather than their anticipation of her defeat at the hands of Barack Obama. For the record, Tyndall Report offers highlights here of what television viewers saw on air but online readers are unable to videostream.

Voter turnout was high. ABC led off with David Muir's neutral overview of crowded precincts, without reference to which candidate or party that may favor. "A large number of undeclared independent voters are weighing in on the Democratic side," unidentified election officials told him. He cited the delivery of extra ballots to some polling stations and long lines of same-day registrants as evidence.


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