COMMENTS: Likable Enough

NBC's Andrea Mitchell and CBS' Dean Reynolds both took us through the narrative of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire. Mitchell called is "a stunning upset that no one predicted" and Reynolds described "an improbable scene…just days, really hours ago, her effort resembled a grim still life, momentum sapped, inevitability shriveled, reduced almost to tears." Both played clips from that emotional monologue in the diner on Monday. Mitchell also cited Saturday night's exchange in the ABC News debate when Rodham Clinton was asked why fewer people like her than Barack Obama. "Well that hurts my feelings. He is very likable. I agree with that. I do not think I am that bad." "You are likable enough, Hillary."

Both Mitchell and Reynolds concluded that Rodham Clinton's victory relied on her success in appealing to women and to Democratic partisans. Mitchell pointed out that many traditional Democrats switched from John Edwards to Rodham Clinton.

Obama's prospects in next week's Nevada caucuses were previewed by NBC's Lee Cowan and ABC's David Wright (no link). Cowan quoted Obama's endorsement from the Culinary Workers Union, which represents hotel and casino workers on the Las Vegas Strip and whose membership contrasts with the complexion of the electorate in Iowa and New Hampshire: "We are not just Wonder Bread here. We have got pumpernickel. We have got whole wheat. We have got rye."

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