COMMENTS: Financial Features

The networks' Friday features all turned to money too. NBC sent Kevin Tibbles down on the farm for his In Depth report on the sole sector of the economy that resists a downturn. The US dollar declined so rapidly on foreign exchange markets in 2007--10% against the Euro, 15% against Canada's loon, 6% against Japan's yen--that Illinois' dairy products and other exports are now cheap overseas.

ABC anchor Charles Gibson presented poverty activist Jack Davis, an eleven-year-old from Miami, as its Person of the Week for helping out Florida soup kitchens. The boy lobbied the legislature to relieve restaurants of legal liability if the leftovers they donate to the hungry cause food poisoning. Now, the homeless are better fed but no lawsuits are allowed if salmonella spreads on Skid Row.

CBS kicked off a series entitled Hitting Home that will dramatize the impact of recession on average families by profiling individual households. Sandra Hughes introduced us to the Julian family of four from Simi Valley, whose mother Dori was laid off in the real estate collapse. The upshots: their 15-year-old son has transferred from private to public school; the family's vacation home and second car may be sold; moviegoing has switched from theaters to the home; and restaurant dining is scaled back as father Dean is "doing a lot of cooking" even as he searches for a second job.


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