COMMENTS: Viva Las Vegas

ABC's Kate Snow (embargoed link) filed from Nevada, where the Democrats caucus on Saturday. They are hoping for a high turnout from Hispanic voters. Snow pointed out one "hurdle--there is not even a Spanish word for caucus." NBC's Andrea Mitchell wondered whether John Edwards was discouraged that even though he was the first Democrat "to talk about economic pain," the major Las Vegas hotel and casino workers union had endorsed his rival Barack Obama. The unions "will work hard to get people to the caucuses," Edwards insisted, but not to determine who to vote for once they get there. Mitchell told us that Edwards' plan is to stay in the race through Super Tuesday, picking up delegates in Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma, and then to present himself as the alternative to whoever turns out to be the frontrunner--Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Also waiting in the wings, NBC's Tim Russert suggested, is potential third party candidate Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City. If the nominees turn out to be Rodham Clinton and Huckabee, that contest would be "very enticing…a whole broad center" Bloomberg can appeal to.


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