COMMENTS: Lion in Winter

On the Democratic side, all three networks played soundbites from Barack Obama on ABC's Good Morning America concerning former President Clinton. Obama called the level of Bill's advocacy for his candidate wife "pretty troubling" and vowed "to directly confront" him when is statements are not "factually accurate." ABC's Dan Harris played a pair of soundbites and invited you, the viewer, to "judge for yourself."

Obama: "The Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last ten, 15 years--in the sense that they were challenging conventional wisdom."

Clinton: "Our principal opponent said that, since 1992, the Republicans have had all the good ideas."

NBC's Andrea Mitchell called the former President "a lion in winter, seeming to long for the days when he was the candidate." She cited Clinton's accusations that the Obama's opposition to the Iraq War was "a fairy tale" and that his campaign had intimidated caucusgoers in Nevada. Mitchell reported that both Sen Edward Kennedy and Rep Rahm Emmanuel, a former Clinton aide, have told Clinton to end his divisive tactics.

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