COMMENTS: Elsewhere…

Both ABC's Stephanie Sy and ITN's John Ray filing for NBC went to the railroad station in Guangzhou where tens of thousands of migrant workers continue to wait for trains in the hope that they can celebrate the Year of the Rat at home with their families. Ray said the snow that has shut down China's infrastructure is the heaviest in 50 years…CBS' Nancy Cordes brought us undercover videotape from the Humane Society of a slaughterhouse in Chino Cal. Workers at Westland Hallmark Meatpacking were shown torturing aged dairy cows with forklift trucks and power hoses. Cordes explained that so-called "downer cows" are ineligible to be processed as meat for the USDA's school lunch program. The cows were being mistreated in an effort to get them to walk to their deaths so they could become food…the new green plant is bamboo, Anne Thompson told us on NBC's Our Planet series. It grows so fast in China that it can reach 80 feet in 40 days. Sliced into slats for flooring it is stronger than oak. Pulverized into yarn for fabric it is softer than cotton yet "requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow."


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