COMMENTS: Superstition

ABC's David Muir (no link) characterized the question on the GOP side as "whether or not to solidify a Republican frontrunner or keep this race going." The frontrunner, of course is the "superstitious" John McCain, for whom, CBS' Chip Reid (no link) observed, "this has been a nerve-wracking day." NBC's Kelly O'Donnell recounted a tale of "the teasing, the fighting, the gnashing of teeth" as McCain supporter Robert Dole criticized talkradio host Rush Limbaugh for lambasting McCain. Dole drew the ire of Mitt Romney for butting in. Romney drew the ire of McCain for criticizing Dole. "They are the ones using Sen Dole. They are the ones manipulating him," Limbaugh complained of the McCain Campaign. "It was not a pretty picture," mused O'Donnell.

CBS' Bob Schieffer (at the tail of the Jeff Greenfield videostream) outlined the task facing McCain on Super Tuesday: "He has got to beat back the fire that is being fanned over on the right by the conservatives who say he is not one of them." ABC's George Stephanopoulos isolated three states--Massachusetts, Missouri, California: "If McCain does not win two out of three he is not going to be able to shut it down." Meanwhile Romney, the self-styled "populist urging grassroots conservatives to help him stop McCain," as NBC's Ron Allen put it, hopes for "at least a good share of California's delegates and wins in several smaller western states."


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