COMMENTS: Blown Away

All three networks told us about the death of Imad Mugniyah--ABC's Brian Ross from New York, CBS' Mark Phillips from London, NBC's Richard Engel from Baghdad. Engel said Mugniyah was "like a ghost, wanted in forty countries, rarely photographed, only left one fingerprint." A militia leader of Hezbollah, Lebanon's Shiite Party of God, Mugniyah was killed by a carbomb in Damascus. Hezbollah, according to Phillips, called it a "martyr's death." Ross' official sources in the United States government--he did not identify them--called the assassination "justice."

Mugniyah was accused as a terrorist mastermind, his three most spectacular coups reputedly being the bombing of the United States Embassy in Beirut in 1983, the hijack of TWA Flight 847 in 1985 and the bombing of the Jewish Cultural Center in Buenos Aires in 1994. All three reporters also characterized Mugniyah's bombing of the US Marine Corps barracks in Beirut in 1983 as a terrorist attack. At Tyndall Report we reject that characterization. "Terrorism" is defined as violence against civilian targets for political ends. An attack on a military barracks is warfare not terrorism.


Muslims Against Sharia congratulate the organization responsible for elimination of terrorist Imad Mugniyeh on a job well done!

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