COMMENTS: Tabula Rasa

On ABC, David Wright previewed the Democratic Party's primary contest "now the frenetic pace slows down." He looked forward to the "blank slate" of Pennsylvania, six weeks away, "that gives both candidates the opportunity to frame the race in a new way." Wright predicted that each would work on "appearing Presidential, minimizing mistakes and projecting a winning image" because they are not only trying to win delegates from Pennsylvania but superdelegates too. As for the other two outstanding large states--Michigan and Florida--Wright reported that it is "inevitable" that a compromise will be reached to seat the delegations at the Denver convention.

NBC looked beyond the primaries to the General Election as Tim Russert announced the topline of his network's latest opinion poll. It shows a huge difference between the standing of Republicans as a generic party--losing to a generic Democrat in November by a landslide 15%--and John McCain himself, in a statistical dead heat with either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama. Russert reported that Democrats believe the former number is more realistic because dissatisfaction with the national economy is at its greatest since 1992: "Remember that campaign--It's The Economy, Stupid."


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