COMMENTS: Blind Faith

NBC News' political director Chuck Todd told anchor Brian Williams that Democrats will not conduct a do-over vote in Florida to ensure recognition for its delegation at the convention in Denver. The problem was logistical not political. Florida had proposed a mail-in vote, as is held in Oregon, but the campaigns of both Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton objected, "worried, frankly, about Florida's reputation as being sort of a fiasco of a state when it comes to holding elections. The first time you do one of these mail-in elections, it is not going to be smooth."

On ABC, Jake Tapper (embargoed link) previewed Obama's formal speech on his pastor Rev Jeremiah Wright and the state of race relations generally. Tapper reran the soundbite from a Wright sermon in which he characterized "white America" as the "US of KKK-A." Tapper noted that "the kind of fiery language Wright uses is not uncommon in black churches throughout the country." Obama has now condemned Wright's controversial remarks but has refused to disavow the important role Wright played in his life for the previous 20 years.

CBS' political coverage focused on New York State where David Paterson was sworn in as Eliot Spitzer's successor as Governor. Paterson, who is blind, gave his acceptance speech from memory. "He nailed it without a script or a single note," marveled Byron Pitts. "The nation's visually impaired got a new role model."


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