COMMENTS: Not Bubbly

The campaign fundraising statistics for the month of March showed Hillary Rodham Clinton with $20m and Barack Obama with $40m. ABC News political analyst Mark Halperin told Kate Snow: "In a normal campaign if a candidate raised $20m in one month they would be popping champagne corks." But Rodham Clinton is in no normal contest: "Obama has revolutionized campaign fundraising." On CBS, Jeff Greenfield offered the top line of his network's latest poll, which shows Obama and Rodham Clinton in a national statistical tie (46% v 43. He identified as the "most interesting numbers in the whole poll" the ones that show Obama ahead of John McCain (70% v 66%) in sharing American values, usually an attribute that Democrats struggle with. "Republicans have gone to school the last two elections saying: 'OK, voters may agree with the Democrats more on policy but they like our candidates better.' They feel they share their values."

ABC's George Stephanopoulos has interviewed undecided Democratic superdelegates to find out what pitches Rodham Clinton and Obama are making to attract their support. He discussed his findings with anchor Charles Gibson. Rodham Clinton's campaign says Obama is inexperienced, not sufficiently vetted and unattractive to white working class male swing voters. "Do they raise race directly?" "No. This is not an argument that he cannot win because he is African-American." As for Obama, he points out that Rodham Clinton is behind in the polls, has a poor image as trustworthy and credible and "her argument is not working. Just about every day we pick up another superdelegate."


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