COMMENTS: Beauty, Quirky, Expose

All three networks filed a feature on energy and the environment. NBC's was the most beautiful, with John Larson filing an update from the floor of the Grand Canyon on the restoration of the sandbars in the Colorado River after the mass water release from the Glen Canyon Dam. CBS had the most quirky story from Ben Tracy. California's environmental legislation is so eager to have homeowners install solar panels on their roofs that its Shade Act forces neighbors to trim thick trees. ABC had the most hard hitting from Brian Ross.

Ross covered King Coal in West Virginia where Massey Energy is so powerful that it paid $3.5m to fund a judge's successful candidacy to the state's supreme court, where he voted to overturn a fraud verdict against Massey. Massey's chief executive Don Blankenship, Ross added, is a close friend and regular dining companion with Elliott Maynard, the Chief Justice of West Virginia. The two friends and their girlfriends took a vacation together to the French Riviera yet Maynard at first did not recuse himself from the Massey appeal. See Blankenship refuse Ross' questions by manhandling ABC's camera with the joke: "You are liable to get shot."


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