COMMENTS: Beryllium Dust-up

CBS claimed an Exclusive for Armen Keteyian's investigation into the reason why the toxic substances agency of the Centers for Disease Control scaled back plans for blood tests in Elmore Ohio and discontinued dust readings. Elmore is the location of Brush Wellman's beryllium factory, a toxic metal used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons parts, golf clubs and computer chips. The CDC toxic survey was truncated after Health Secretary Michael Leavitt received a letter from Ohio Governor Bob Taft in 2006. Taft was worried that Brush Wellman would refuse to go ahead with a planned expansion. Just five months after the CDC survey was changed, the plant expansion went ahead. Keteyian asked whether there was a connection between the letter and the change and received this non-denial denial from the CDC's Thomas Sinks: "I received no pressure that would have altered the decision that we made to go forward to use the most definitive tests we could."

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