COMMENTS: London Calling

Also preparing to visit the Washington DC is Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain. CBS anchor Katie Couric jetted to London for a sitdown at 10 Downing Street. Even though Brown was in charge of the British economy, "which soared" under his predecessor Tony Blair, it is now "sounding very similar to that of the United States: home prices are down; credit is tight." Couric called that "a bitter pill for this financial wizard." She claimed an Exclusive for her interview with Brown, although it is not clear what it was that he said that was not boilerplate. His priorities in diplomacy with the United States seemed standard fare: a halt to climate change, an easing of the crisis in the financial markets, work on reconstruction in Iraq, moderating global food and oil prices.

While Couric was in London she heard the news that Richard Butler, a freelancer working for her network in Iraq, had been rescued after two months' captivity at the hands of militiamen in Basra. CBS' Lara Logan narrated the account of Iraqi soldiers storming the building where he was held prisoner, finding him tied up with a sack over his head. He pulled the head cover off in order to be recognized and was whisked to a nearby armored HumVee while bullets ricocheted around him.

Couric rounded out her London visit with a tour of the James Hyman Gallery where a series of photographs taken by Linda McCartney, the late wife of the onetime Beatle, are going on display.


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