COMMENTS: Who Their Parents Are

The Deseret News, a newspaper, ABC's Neal Karlinsky (embargoed link) pointed out, that is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, obtained interviews with some of the mothers at the Yearning for Zion ranch, maintaining their innocence of child abuse. Texas child welfare authorities removed their children last week and the mothers protested that they had been "kept in appalling conditions and that many have become sick as a result," Karlinsky reported. He called the welfare case "scattered and confused" since many of the 416 children and teenagers "have not been positively identified, changing their names repeatedly and telling case workers conflicting stories about who their parents are."

As for the fundamentalist Mormon sect that runs the compound near San Angelo, NBC's Lisa Myers reported that it received as much as $100,000 each month from a business once known as Western Precision, now called New Era Manufacturing. Western Precision was an aircraft parts contractor for the Pentagon and has received financing from Wells Fargo bank and GE Capital, a sibling business of Myers' employer NBC Universal at General Electric. The Pentagon has no problem with its payments ending up in the hands of polygamists: "It does not consider a company's religious affiliation in awarding contracts, only costs and performance."


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