COMMENTS: No More North by Northwest

All three networks assigned correspondents to cover the looming merger in the airline industry: "We are expecting an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow, a decision tonight," predicted Tom Costello in a brief stand-up on NBC, as Delta Airlines and NorthWest tried to forge an agreement on seniority lists between the two sets of pilots. CBS' Nancy Cordes reported that the combined airline, "the largest commercial carrier in the world" would keep the name of Delta, with a fleet of 1,100 jetliners. At present, Delta operates hubs at Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York City and Salt Lake City, ABC's Lisa Stark (embargoed link) pointed out, with NorthWest at Detroit, Minneapolis and Memphis. She expected the combination to drop the hubs at Cincinnati and Memphis. For comparison, she reminded us that when TransWorld was merged into American, St Louis was axed as a hub and capacity there was slashed by 75%.

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