COMMENTS: Chicago's Kids, Mexico's Cops

NBC's Kevin Tibbles covered the gun violence in Chicago Monday. CBS' Cynthia Bowers now joins in as the city's Chicago Sun-Times launched a mirror-image-type campaign urging readers not to turn their backs on the crisis. Bowers calculated that a child in Chicago is murdered on average once every eight days, "what amounts to a classroom of kids killed since September." She noted that the city already has a ban on handguns: "Many say it is not just about guns. It is more about poverty, lack of education and absentee parents who have lost control of their children."

For ABC's Investigates feature, Brian Ross examined yet more carnage. Narcotrafficking gangs have killed 2,000 policemen and law enforcement officers in Mexico in just the last year. Ross reported that Mexican authorities claim that 95% of their firepower--handguns, assault weapons, machine guns--is purchased in the United States, "millions of dollars worth," and then smuggled south of the border. Ross talked to his sources at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms: "Getting the guns across the border is easy. Most of the US attention is focused on who and what is going in--not going out."

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