COMMENTS: Browning of America

CBS offered evening cross promotion to the morning efforts of its Early Show to publicize the Tragedy to Triumph at Greensburg Ks on the first anniversary of its being wiped out: "A category five tornado ripped the town asunder," Early anchor Harry Smith reminded us. ABC had Bob Woodruff file an update last summer when Greensburg decided to capitalize on its name by using green architecture to rebuild. Now Smith shows us recycled bricks and sustainable lumber and a community arts center that "will actually create more power than it uses."

Energy policy was the topic of NBC's continuing series on infrastructure, dubbed Falling Apart. Chris Jansing looked at aging power plants, oil refineries, natural gas pipelines and electric grid lines. "D" was the grade that the American Society of Civil Engineers has assigned to the state of the national grid. Jansing stated that there is "not enough new construction to keep up" as additional coal generation of electricity is nixed on environmental grounds. She pointed to predictions that a decade from now demand for electricity will increase by 20% while supply will grow by 10%. The result: price hikes and brownouts.


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