COMMENTS: West Point Sports

The public relations squad at West Point has had a spectacular week. Monday, ABC's George Stephanopoulos publicized a profile on ESPN's E:60 of Army footballer Caleb Campbell. When Campbell was drafted by the NFL's Detroit Lions, the brass switched his military assignment from warrior to recruiter. Tuesday, NBC anchor Brian Williams previewed Army's alumni lacrosse game against Navy by sitting down with Lt John Fernandez, a former captain of the West Point team, who now plays on prostheses. Fernandez had both his legs blown off by friendly fire in Iraq five years ago and is now an activist with the Wounded Warrior Project. Navy won the alumni game 10-6. Wednesday, ABC anchor Charles Gibson narrated videotape of the annual ceremony at the White House where President George Bush congratulated the winners of the NFL Super Bowl. A non-playing co-captain of the New York Giants is former West Point linebacker Col Greg Gadson, who also lost both of his legs in war. Gibson made Gadson an ABC Person of the Week before the Super Bowl. Now he has a winner's ring.


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