COMMENTS: Mentioned in Passing

The network newscasts do not assign correspondents to all of the news of the day. If Tyndall Report readers come across videostreamed reports online of stories that were mentioned only in passing, post the link in comments for us to check out.

Today's examples: to mark the fifth anniversary of President George Bush's victor landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln protestors unfurled a Mission Accomplished? banner outside the White House…Aden Hashi Ayro, a radical Islamist guerrilla leader in Somalia, was assassinated by a US air raid…Italy published universal tax information online in an attempt to expose cheats and then had to shut down almost immediately as a privacy violation…ExxonMobil posted its profits for the first three months of 2008: almost $11bn…automobile sales are declining at Ford and General Motors and coffee sales are declining at Starbucks…the House of Representatives passed a bill to ban discrimination based on DNA tests that show a genetic predisposition for disease…an outbreak of measles among the unvaccinated is the most serious in seven years…FEMA is closing the last of its post-Katrina housing trailers in New Orleans…Arizona has so many cars that it has added a digit to its license plates.


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