COMMENTS: Stronger, Deeper Party

All three networks filed from the campaign trail. CBS' Jim Axelrod and ABC's Jake Tapper were both in Indiana, where the Democratic primary is held on Tuesday. Superdelegate Joe Andrew, who had served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee under President Bill Clinton, announced his switch of support from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Barack Obama. Andrew urged undecided superdelegates to make up their minds forthwith, arguing that any delay helps Republican John McCain. ABC's Tapper quoted Rodham Clinton's riposte to his colleague Cynthia McFadden on Nightline: "Anyone who believes this is bad for the party, I just think is not paying attention, because the level of enthusiasm to be part of this process is, from my perspective, helping us build a stronger and deeper Democratic base." Anyway, CBS' Axelrod pointed out, there is a distinction been "undecided" superdelegates and "publicly uncommitted." He explained that both candidates have endorsements in reserve, the timing of whose announcements they can orchestrate "to create a sense of momentum."

NBC aired excerpts Meredith Vieira's human interest sitdown with both Obamas on Today. Michelle insisted sarcastically: "Never, I never get upset," when Barack gets criticized for being different or odd or unfamiliar or failing to wear a flag in his lapel. "I am cool and calm," she claimed, tongue in cheek. Her husband came to her support, teasingly: "She has handled it better than I expected."


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