COMMENTS: It is Friday, so it is Feature Time

ABC's Person of the Week was Kristin Elliott, an 18-year-old cancer patient who was offered a dying treat by the Make a Wish Foundation. "Been there. Not really," she exclaimed to anchor Charles Gibson as she recounted turning down a treat at ABC's corporate sibling, DisneyWorld. Instead she took $2,600 as a downpayment for her $60,000 online fundraising for Kristin's Miracle House, the AIDS orphanage she decided to build after a church trip to Zambia.

Want to fly to Lewistown Mont or Macon Ga or Shenandoah Valley Va or Beckley WV or Oil City Pa? Sharyl Attkisson reassured us that there are plenty of seats available and no crowds at the terminals for any of those routes. In her Follow the Money feature on CBS, Attkisson told us they are all destinations from a Carter Administration program called Essential Air Service to subsidize travel to rural towns. It costs the federal government $127m annually and each year there are empty seats for another 2.4m passengers.

Steve Hartman had plain old fun on a ranch outside Albuquerque for his Assignment America feature on the Single Action Shooting Society. It is a gun club where city slickers reenact the wild west each weekend, dressing up and adopting Hopalong Cassidy nicknames, in a throwback firearms competition.

Tom Costello seemed to have yet more fun in Fredericksburg Tex. His Making a Difference feature on NBC profiled the high school science classes of teacher Brett Williams. Since 1996, he has set each class the project of designing and building a rocket. In the first year, the rocket sent a one pound weight one mile high. Each year the students progressed. For 2008, it is a 500lb payload hoping to reach the edge of space, 100K feet high, with a launchpad at White Sands Missile Range.


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