COMMENTS: Looking for a Game Changer

Only NBC filed from the campaign trail before the final weekend on the stump in North Carolina and Indiana. ABC and CBS contented themselves with updates from their Sunday morning interview anchors. Bob Schieffer of CBS' Face the Nation told anchor Katie Couric that he had just returned from North Carolina, where he found that Hillary Rodham Clinton "is closing the gap on Barack Obama…It is down to single digits." George Stephanopoulos of ABC's This Week agreed that Rodham Clinton "is on a roll…but to really drive that home she needs a game-changing victory." A win in Indiana would not be enough to "shake superdelegates loose," he told anchor Charles Gibson, but North Carolina would, or, failing that, Oregon.

As for the candidates themselves, NBC's Ron Allen saw Rodham Clinton "still pushing hard" for a summer holiday from the 18c-per-gallon federal gasoline tax, a proposal that "has become one of her biggest issues." Allen saw her husband "working overtime" in North Carolina's small towns, speaking at as many as seven events in a single day: "I am basically the ambassador of Hillary's campaign to rural America," declared Bill. As for the frontrunner Obama, NBC's Lee Cowan called it a "pretty astonishing admission" when he conceded that he "did not recognize or really appreciate just how he or his campaign had been painted over the last several weeks" by the coverage of Jeremiah Wright, his longtime pastor, and his bitter-&-clinging comments about those same small town voters that the former President is now courting so energetically.


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