COMMENTS: Flying Fours

As the cost of a barrel of crude closed at $119, NBC had Scott Cohn from CNBC lead with the economic consequences and Tom Costello cover the ripple effect for the airlines. "With supplies tight and demand high the price of crude oil is supersensitive to the slightest disruption," Cohn warned, mentioning flare-ups in Nigeria and Iraq. The current high cost of crude should result in 10c or 15c more for a gallon of gasoline eventually. NBC's Costello traced the climbing cost of aviation fuel to power a jetliner from coast to coast: from $2,700 in 2000 to $9,600 in 1007 to $15,000 later this year. NWAirlines, Southwest and jetBlue are "literally easing up on the throttle," flying 10mph slower in order to burn less. On ABC, David Kerley (embargoed link) told us about Chrysler's incentive scheme to sell new automobiles: dealers throw in a pre-paid gasoline card for an annual 700 gallons at $2.99 for the next three years. Kerley offered a cool indicator for which direction the price of gasoline is headed: the signage firm that makes giant numbers for price signs at filling stations sees "4" flying off the shelves.


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