COMMENTS: Elsewhere…

The collapse of the housing market in the Atlanta metropolitan area is so serious that 7,500 foreclosed homes are sold at auction on courthouse steps each month, NBC's Ron Mott reported…a manhunt for a pedophile rapist who apparently molested boys as young as six years old in southeast Asia was sparked when pictures of the abuse were found on a computer in Norway. Interpol publicized its search online and an arrest was made, CBS' Chip Reid told us, in Union City NJ…a sinkhole in the small Texan town of Daisetta is 700 feet long and 150 feet deep and growing. It is swallowing trees and vehicles and gear. It may be caused by the collapse of an underground limestone vault or by the depletion of a salt dome from years of drilling for oil. NBC's Don Teague and ABC's Mike von Fremd brought us pictures…CBS sent Kelly Cobiella to Texas to stake out the First Family's ranch, where Jenna Bush will be married this weekend, even though there is nothing for her to see: "No cameras, no reporters, no one but 200 close family and friends allowed past the Secret Service checkpoint."


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