COMMENTS: Sports Talk

Armen Keteyian claimed an Exclusive for his sitdown with Bill Belichek, coach of the NFL's New England Patriots, about his team's systematic videotaping of the coaching signals used by opposing teams. Matt Walsh, a cameraman the Patriots fired after the 2001 season, claimed that it was a "deliberate illicit scheme" by Belichek in order to cheat. Belichek responded that the videotaping was open and above board from 2000 until 2005 and, if it did break the rules during those seasons, it was an honest misinterpretation. So why did he continue in 2006 after the league clarified any ambiguity in its ban? "I made a mistake. I was wrong. I was wrong."

Beijing-bound Melanie Roach was ABC's Person of the Week on the eve of the Olympic trials of the USOC's women's weightlifting team. Roach, 5'1" tall, weighing in at 117 lbs, claims a clean and jerk of 238 lbs in the gym. She told anchor Charles Gibson that she was "able to go into the weight room and literally live in the moment" only after she had learned to accept the fact that her five-year-old son was autistic. While she was still looking for a cure she had been too depressed to train properly.


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