COMMENTS: Former NASCAR Anchor

When Brian Williams first became anchor of NBC Nightly News, he used to like to cite his love for NASCAR as evidence of his populist touch. How fickle he now seems as he lavished praise on Danica Patrick for Making a Difference as she prepares to race in the Indianapolis 500. Danica, Williams gushed, is now close to the most popular name for a newborn girl in America. "Having pregnant women screaming: 'I am going to name my baby Danica!' I do not know what to say." "What is the proper response?" "Thank you, I guess." Williams is not alone in turning his back on NASCAR. CBS' loyal Anthony Mason, who spurned the Indy 500 for the Coca-Cola 600 at Concord NC, told us that "no other major American sport has been hurt more" by high oil prices. That is because the average fan makes a 400-mile round trip to attend a race, many traveling in a diesel guzzling recreational vehicle, to make a camping weekend out of the adventure.

Tyndall Report has none of it. Our weekend's motor sport entertainment will be neither Indy nor NASCAR--but Formula 1. I plan to watch the Monaco Grand Prix, racing past the casino and the swimming pool and through the tunnel, to see if anyone can prevent Ferrari from racking up yet another champagne moment.


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