COMMENTS: Mentioned in Passing

The network newscasts do not assign correspondents to all of the news of the day. If Tyndall Report readers come across videostreamed reports online of stories that were mentioned only in passing, post the link in comments for us to check out.

Today's examples: the USNavy, whose offer of relief aid has been rejected, will no longer station its flotilla off the Irrawaddy Delta…an elevated train in Chicago's mass transit system derailed…Dow Chemical announced an across-the-board increase in its price list…USAirways will no longer serve in-flight pretzels…the three-network fundraiser for cancer research has an online presence at


Story was reported on NBC
There are concerns tonight that the lead found in Chinese toys may also be showing up in implants, crowns and dentures from China and India. The imports aren't strictly regulated and have made some people sick. There are no laws requiring dentist to tell you where they buy the products, but Florida lawmakers are pushing for full disclosure.
Dentists charge $1,500 per crown or veneer. If they can get a crown made in China for $45.00, why should they pay a lab in the US $95.00? I personally invented a dental appliance that patients can wear all the time (not the plastic ones promoted by the media that helped participating dentists scam people out of their hard earned money).
My appliance can permanently restore the whole mouth for $3,000. After my breakthrough was broadcasted on the NBC news stations in 2004, it quickly gained popularity. However, after dental manufacturers refused to assist me in producing equipment to simplify production and I was unable to find dental technicians to help me construct the appliances, I decided to walk away from the dental industry and present my story in a book. Since dentistry is not a topic readers enjoy, I introduced a mob twist to the story and the synopsis of the 121,000-word novel reads as follows: After the modernized Chicago mob infiltrated the health care industry, one business owner's life turned into a nightmare. (I am contacting you to help me get my book published.)

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