COMMENTS: Mentioned in Passing

The network newscasts do not assign correspondents to all of the news of the day. If Tyndall Report readers come across videostreamed reports online of stories that were mentioned only in passing, post the link in comments for us to check out.

Today's examples: Charles Black, from John McCain's Presidential campaign, speculated that a major terrorist attack would help Republicans in the General Election and then apologized for saying so…charitable donations rose to an all-time high in 2007, a total of $306bn…some 800 are feared dead in The Philippines, where a ferry capsized in a typhoon…Gen Ann Dunwoody has been promoted by the USArmy, to become its first woman with four stars.


I hope you'll look at our studies of network prime-time news coverage of Israel-Palestine:

We found extremely differing rates in the coverage of deaths -- particularly of children -- depending on whether victimw were Israeli or Palestinian.

And no, Israel is not merely retaliating, as news reports generally state. In the current uprising, over 80 Palestinian children were killed before a single Israeli child; over 140 Palestinians of all ages were killed before a single Israeli in Israel.

A different study, of NPR, reveals patterns that I suspect exist in television news as well.

I hope you'll look into this coverage. We also found significant news stories never showing up in US news reports -- omissions only people following the news from abroad would ever be aware of. For example, please take a look at:

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